Thinking about tackling your home repair?

Know the facts.

Before beginning any repair, assess your abilities.
Gas, electricity, and water are three elements that can be dangerous, especially in combination.  Hot water repair and installation should only be handled by licenced, experienced, and trained professionals. What could go wrong? Famous last words. Water can be too hot, and burn the skin. Improper wiring can lead to electrification of your water. Leaks can steadily drain your bank account with expensive damage repair costs. As our neighbor, consider our advice. Don’t put your family at risk when it comes to water

Electricity is dangerous

Natural Gas is Lethal

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We want you and your loved ones safe, and advise against all unlicensed repairs on utilities connected to live power or gas. We are trained, experienced, and certified to handle all the dangers of hot water repair. We have industry-leading safety training and protocols in place. We have the proper equipment to handle electricity and natural gas.

Please, call us and let the experts solve your water heating woes. We’ll be honest, fast, and reliable. We guarantee it.

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