We are committed to our customers

Honest. Fast. Reliable.

We’re dedicated to our craft, because we’re committed to our customers.We hold high standards of excellence in our service and our character, because we care about our customers. They’re our neighbors!

We guarantee we’ll be honest, fast, and reliable. Every job, and every time, because quality counts.

Our #1 Product is satisfied customers

Cold water can be rain on your parade. Our water heater experts are ready to come to the rescue, so you can move past your problems. We’ll solve your water heater issues on time, every time.



BBB ratings represent the BBB’s opinion of how the business is likely to interact with its customers. The BBB rating is based on information BBB is able to obtain about the business, including complaints received from the public. BBB seeks and uses information directly from businesses and from public data sources.
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Home Advisor

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Angies List

Angies List

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What sets us apart

Water heater repair and installation is WHAT we do. But HOW we do it is why the Space Coast trusts us.

Prompt Service

Cold water can ruin your day. We make sure it won’t ruin your week.

When the water runs cold, we run to the rescue. Cold water makes for uncomfortable showers, unclean dishes from the dishwasher, and unwashed laundry. Don’t let cold water contaminate your life.

We are ready to get your hot water flowing again! There’s no sense in waiting, your problems won’t fix themselves. Give us a call, or get a free quote now!

Trusted Team

We’re committed to our craft, because we’re committed to our customers. We value excellence in our performance, and honesty in our practice. The results speak for themselves; check out our reviews.

Our customers are our neighbors, so they deserve our best. You can trust that when it’s done by 321 Plumbing, it’s done right.

We’ll show up when you need us, with a wealth of knowledge, ready to solve your water heater issues. Every job, every time, because quality counts.

Quality Guarantee

We take pride in our work because our customers are our priority.

Water Heating and plumbing are crafts to be mastered. We have.

We’re certified plumbers by the state of Florida, we’re background checked and bonded.

But for us, that’s just the basics.

We bring you the best the industry offers. For the latest technology, ideas, and insight, we attend industry conferences regularly. We sit on industry association boards and do our best to get you the newest information available. We are leaders in carrying industry trends to the Space Coast.

We have the knowledge and expertise to solve your water problems fast, and to solve them well. We guarantee it.

We Love the 321

321 Plumbing is owned and operated locally by Dan and Stacey O’Brien, with the help of our family of employees. Our water heating experts are

We love living in the paradise of the Space Coast community, so we find creative ways to give back.

From sponsoring global water initiatives to football teams or even throwing a neighborhood BBQ we are and always have been a integral part of the space coasts community.